"They shall have life, life in all its fullness." (John 10:10)


Each week Year 3 learn and practise a spelling pattern, or learn a new phonics sound. We will practice these within school but it would also be great if you could practice them at home too! This does not have to be a long process, just 10 minutes every day makes a really big difference!

  • New spellings are sent home every Friday and need to be returned and completed by the following Friday.
  • Spelling tests will take place each Friday as a part of our SPaG sessions. This is also when the new spelling pattern will be introduced.
  • If handwriting sheets have been given out, these are also expected to be returned on Friday's.

The Year 3 word list is a very important document for Year 3. We expect the children to be able to spell ALL of the words on this list by the end of Year 3! Please work on them at home as much as possible.


This week, the children are looking at words that sound like /u/ but they are spelt with an 'o'. Please take a look at the ppt in the files section for more information. The handwriting homework sheet is also available to download in the files section.

Spellings – Tested 18.05.18

instruct, structure, construction, instruction, instructor, unit, union, united, universe, university

Please complete the homework sheet and return to school on 18.05.18.


For general spelling practise ideas, take a look at the activities found in the files section under 'how can you practise your spellings?'

Files to Download

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