"They shall have life, life in all its fullness." (John 10:10)


Worship 2021-2022

Autumn Term Two Worship

We have continued to use our weekly Picture News resource to start our weekly Worships. The Congleton Parish have been coming into school each week to share our Christian Value of Hope. Our Worship Council planned and led our Christingle this year.The whole school enjoyed making Christingles and joining together to celebrate with Nic Blackmore who shared a Chrisitngle prayer with us.

Autumn Term One Worship

We have been starting our week of Worship using Picture News questions, which helps to learn, think and reflect about issues that are happening around the world. In our class assemblies, we disucss the Picture News topics by thinking how the Bible links to the issues and what we can do as God's children to help others. Our Worship Councillors promote our Christian Values each week by asking peers what they have done to 'live life in all its fullness'. Our local Congleton Parish have made Worship videos for us based on out theme of thankfulness. We are also very excited to welcome Reverand Ian Enticott and his team back into school to have a weekly Worship in our hall. Our links with other churches are important to us at Mossley, and we are thankful to have Reverand Langton-Miller leading our Harvest assemblies. All of our church links are aware of our Vision and Values and they are always at the forefront of our collecive worship.










Worship 2020-2021


During this school year, we have been having weekly Worship vidoes made by members of the Congleton Parish. The theme of the vidoes have been based on our Christian Values.


Autumn Half Term One Worship

The videos are based on this half term’s Christian Value of ‘thankfulness’. The Open the Book team for Congleton Parish have acted out different Bible stories, given us a challenge for each week and shared a prayer. Please watch the videos with your child(ren) to share the Worship at home.

Our new Minister at Mossley, Reverend Ian Enticott, has made an introduction video for us so that the children, parents and staff at Mossley school get to know him.

The Man who came back

The Good Shepherd

The Helpful Servant

Introducing Reverend Ian

Autumn Half Term 2 Worship

This half term, our weekly Worship vidoes are about 'Hope'. 

Hope and Trust

Hope is Waiting

Spring Half Term 1 Worship.

We have been watching videos about Peace and leanring about how to be peacemakers.

Spring Half Term 2 Worship

We have been thinking about Endurance and the impact that it has on our lives.

Endurance and Patience

Endurance and Perseverance


Summer Term 1 Worship

Our Christian Value this half term is 'creativity'. We have been thinking about the story of Creation and God creating our wonderful world.

Summer 2 Worship

Wisdom- What can we do to be wise? Are our actions always wise choices?

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