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A 'Week' of Secret Story Tellers

Date: 18th Nov 2015 @ 5:06pm

How lucky are we?!?!?!? We have had a secret story teller every day this week laugh

Our first story teller was Mrs. Brittain, Heath's mummy who had come back again to read us another story.  She read 'Dinosaurs in my School' written by Timothy Knapman & Sarah Warbuton.....

'"Who has squashed our bookshelf?" our teacher asks us all. "Someone's bitten the board in two! There are claw marks on the wall!" For one little boy, a regular day at school is turned upside down.  A band of dinosaurs are there to wreak havoc in the classroom, but the grown-ups can't see them! Can he convince the dinosaurs to behave?'

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the naughty dinosaurs in the school and laughed as the teachers and even the head teacher turned into dinosaurs!!!

Thank you Mrs Brittain, a great choice for dinosaur lovers in our class yes

Tuesday was a wonderful surprise when Grace Horsham's Nana came to read. smiley  We were even more pleased as she revealed she was going to read 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler to us again. Can you remember the story from Halloween week?  We enjoyed it even more the second time as we all anticipated the next stage of the story and could predict accurately the rhyming words. 

Thank you Grace's Nana for coming in to see us, hope we see you again wink


Wednesday got us really excited as Emily's Nana came in to read!  'Dear Zoo......' we thought she was going to read as she pulled it out of her bag BUT no, it was another story written by the same author Rod Campbell called 'Dear Santa'.  What a perfect week to have this book read to us as we have been writing our lists for Santa. heart

'A letter to Santa asking for a Christmas present starts off a merry chain of gift-wrapping, but nothing seems quite right and each time he thinks better of his choice.'

We had great fun guessing the presents before Millie lifted the flap and discovered what had been wrapped!

Thank you so much for a 'timely' story Millie's Nana angel


Thursday was 'bucketful' of surprises as Mrs Beard came in to read, Joey's mummy.yes  She began our story session by re-reading the 'Dinosaurs in my School' written by Timothy Knapman & Sarah Warbuton and we were impressed once again by the phenomenal pronunciation of all those dinosaur names!!  Then we discovered that Mrs Beard had learnt all the dinosaur names from Joey, who knew them all!!!!!!surprise  So Mrs Beard read another dinosaur story, another favourite called 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs written by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds.

'Harry finds some dusty plastic dinosaurs in Nan's attic.  He cleans them, finds out their names and takes them everywhere - until, one day, the dinosaurs get list!  The lost property man gets a surprise when Harry proves the dinosaurs are his by calling them over to him.......!'

This was a great story and left us wondering what exactly we would like to get upto with a bucket of our own dinosaurs!!!!

Thank you Mrs Beard for a 'bucketful' of fun story laugh


Fridaaaaaay everyone and Callum's Mummy came in on a very special day......her birthday!!!

"Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mrs Briggs, Happy Birthday to you!"heart

Well we had a great story to finish the week off, it was a story all about Callum himself.......'Callum's Incredible Construction Kit' written by Jonathan Emmett and illustrated by Ben Mantle. 

'Callum LOVES to build and when he is given the most incredible construction kit for his birthday, his imagination runs riot!  Callum take his kit everywhere, and it comes in very handy.  But as his constructions get bigger and bigger, the house begins to groan under the weight.  Suddenly.......CCRRRUUMMMFFF!! the house crashes to the ground! Callum's construction skills are about to be put to the ultimate test!'

We were amazed to listen to a story featuring our very own Callum and even more excited to see his house fall down but be re-constructed by his very own incredible kit wink  Mrs Briggs even shared the excitment of her birthday with us by bringing us all a lolly to take home, yummmmmm, thank you :-)

THANK YOU Mrs Briggs (and Callum) for a wonderful story to finish off our week of fun learning and a full week of super Secret Story Tellers.  We really appreciate all of your time and love the excitement of guessing 'who is reading today?!' yes


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