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Geography at Mossley Primary School


At Mossley Primary School we use the Primary Knowlege Curriculum (PKC) to deliver this important National Curriculum subject. We introduced this in September 2022 and it is a knowledge rich approach. This means that the knowledge children will gain has been carefully specified, ordered coherently and builds over time. As children work through our geography curriculum they will know more, understand more about the world around them. A good geographical understanding relies on firm foundations of knowledge and skills. The skills our curriculum develops, like the knowledge, are specified, ordered coherently and progress over time. This curriculum structure helps pupils to deepen their understanding of physical and human geographical processes, fostering curiosity and fascination for the world we live in.

Approaching primary geography with a knowledge rich focus means that the knowledge children will be taught has been identified, in each year group, in each unit and in each lesson. As children work through the curriculum they will know more and understand more about their local area, the UK, Europe and the World. This rigorous approach, covering and going beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum, leaves nothing to chance, building geographical knowledge and understanding in a way that builds on children’s prior knowledge, allowing them to make meaningful connections and gain an understanding of how our world is connected.

Early Years at Mossley have also adopted PKC to support their teaching and learning within the area of Understanding the World (please see the EYFS page for their Long Term Plan). This means that their knowledge can be built upon as they transition into Year 1.

On this webpage please take a look at the rationale for our Geography curriculum and also the National Curriculum coverage and our curriculum overview. We have created our own PKC progression grids for this subject and these allow us to assess the children at two points throughout the year.


In order to bring our Geography curriculum alive the children take part in different trips and we often have visitors coming into school. We also make use of our school grounds and the local area to support our Geography curriculum.
Our link governor for Humanities is Mr Keith Smith who I meet with each half term 

Mrs Swift

Geography Lead


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