"They shall have life, life in all its fullness." (John 10:10)


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At Mossley, we embrace our Christian foundations; provide many rich opportunities for children to develop as individuals within a stimulating and safe environment. Our warm, caring ethos incorporates our Christian values within the everyday life of our school. We believe that every child should thrive and be the person they are fully capable of being.

‘They shall have life, life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10)


Religious Education at Mossley CE Primary School


As a Church of England School, Religious Education has a special place in our curriculum. The aims of Religious Education in Church schools are:

To know about and understand Christianity as a diverse global living faith through the exploration of core beliefs using an approach that critically engages with biblical text.

To gain knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and worldviews appreciating diversity, continuity and change within the religions and worldviews being studied.

To engage with challenging questions of meaning and purpose raised by human existence and experience.

To recognise the concept of religion and its continuing influence on Britain’s cultural heritage and in the lives of individuals and societies in different times, cultures and places.

To explore their own religious, spiritual and philosophical ways living, believing and thinking.


(The Church of England Education Office Statement of Entitlement 2019)

We use the Chester Diocese plans alongside the SACRE agreed syllabus to teach Religious Education in our school.

Our RE work not only covers the teaching and stories of Christianity, but also investigates other World religions. Lessons ofetn start with a "Big Question", encouraging children to share their own thoughts and ideas, no matter what those are, and to listen to the views of others. They are always times of lively, open discussion and debate.

RE enables pupils to appreciate their own and others’ beliefs and cultures, helping them to develop a clear understanding of the significance of religion in their own area as well as in the world today.

RE intends to promote religious understanding and respect, and to challenge prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping.

It is concerned with the promotion of each pupil’s self-worth, enabling them to reflect on their uniqueness as human beings, to share their feelings and emotions with others and to appreciate the importance of forming and maintaining positive relationships. 

We see Religious Education as an essential part of the curriculum and should be relevant, worthwhile and accessible to all. We aim to meet the full entitlement of every child in our school. Our curriculum will express that all pupils are loved and valued by God as part of creation. 

We strongly believe that the purpose of RE is about religious literacy. This means we aim for children to be able to hold a balanced and well-informed conversation about religion and belief. In order to fulfil this purpose we provide a balance of theology, philosophy and human/social sciences within our RE lessons.

As part of this RE curriculum, as the children progress through school, we learn about different places of worship and have visits from Leaders of different faiths. As well as timetabled RE lessons, there will always be other times in the curriculum where big questions of faith arise, such as when looking at natural disasters, Space or the Second World War. We make time and space to discuss these questions as they occur, not in any prescriptive way, but in a manner so as to allow the children to investigate their own and others opinions and beliefs.

The following religions are taught in each Key stage:

EYFS- Christianity and world religious celebrations throughout the year.

Key Stage One: Year One and Two – Christianity and Judaism.

Key Stage Two: Year Three and Four- Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Key Stage Two: Year Five and Six- Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

If you would like further information about the curriculum Mossley School follows please feel free to speak with your child's class teacher or call the school office on 01260 272451

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