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Local Secret Story Teller

Date: 4th May 2016 @ 4:23pm

We had a fascinating secret story teller today all about our local area!  Emily's Nanna came in to read to us the story of 'Fred the Frog' written by Sheila Mortimer and produced by The National Trust.  It was an amazing story all about a stone frog in Biddulph Grange Garden near Congleton which is cared for by The National Trust. 

'One moonlit night, Fred suddenly finds that he can come to life! Amazing adventures begin as he explores the magical garden with his friends; Bill the Buffalo, Dragon, Chi the Dog and Sa the Squirrel.'

Emily's Nanna had cut out and laminated each of the characters so we could take part in the story and even shared her very own framed photo all the way from China!  We were really excited to learn all about the stories behind the statues in the gardens and hope we get to visit them with our families soon wink

A big froggy 'THANK YOU' to Emily's Nanna for sharing such a great story all about our local area yes


Another animal story came from Mrs Watson, Lacee's Mummy today as she came in to read us the story of 'Sugarlump and the Unicorn' written by one of our favourite authors Julia Donaldson, do you remember The Gruffalo? smiley

'When Sugarlump the rocking horse wishes to see the world, a magical unicorn with a silver horn and sparkling blue eyes turns him into a real horse.  But after trotting around the farm, galloping around a racetrack and even dancing at the circus, Sugarlump learns to be careful what he wishes for and realises how much he missed the children he left behind.  Luckily the unicorn has one more wish to grant......'

We loved hearing this story especially the rhyming words and predicting which word will be on the end of each sentence. The glitter also caused great excitement, so we all had a feel of Sugarlump's glitter!!  We were then surprised as Mrs Watson and Lacee treated us with a chocolate bar of packet of sweets.....which was great timing as we have been discussing 'sharing' whilst reading The Bad Tempered Ladybird. laugh

A special glittery 'THANKYOU' to Mrs Watson for coming in to read, and an extra thankyou for the treats!


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