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Grandpa Secret Story Teller

Date: 2nd Mar 2016 @ 4:01pm

Well, we had a wonderful surprise form Emily's Grandpa today as he came in to read to us again.  He brought in a story none of us has heard before called 'Supertato' written by Sue Hendra, who also wrote 'Barry the Fish with Fingers' and 'No-Bot the Robot with no Bottom' wink

'The supermarket superhero with eyes everywhere!  Whenever the chips are down in the vegetable section he's there to save the day.  But now there's a pea on the loose.  A very, very, naughty pea.  Has Supertato finally met his match?'

It was a hilarious story with as much humour for the adult reading it as the children listening to it, Miss Holland had quite a few giggles all the way through!!!  laugh We even had cardboard cut out pictures of the characteristic vegetables so we could re-enact the story as Emily's Grandpa read to us.   We loved sending the naughty pea around the class as Supertato chased it :-) 

Don't forget to check your freezer just in case there's an 'escaPEA' in your house!!!smiley

HUGE THANK YOU to Emily's Grandpa for such an entertaining story time and we hope to see you again.


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