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'Halloween' Secret Story Teller

Date: 17th Nov 2015 @ 3:58pm

‘Halloween’ Secret Story Teller

Wooohoooooo, we had a Halloween secret story teller today, Finlay’s grandma!  She kindly read to us the story of ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler……and yes you’ve notice it was one of our favourite authors laugh

To the annoyance of her cat a kind witch allows a dog, a bird and a frog who have helped her retrieve things she has lost to ride on her broomstick, making it top heavy.  The broom is destroyed by a fire-breathing dragon who threatens to eat the witch but the creatures band together to impersonate a monster and save her.   Do they succeed?’

We loved predicting the rhyming words at the end of the sentences and we were captivated by Fin’s Grandma reading the story so excitingly.


Not only were we treated to a Halloween story form Mrs. Edmonds but Mr. Condliffe, Zac's Daddy came in too, yippee another Daddy yes  Mr. Condliffe read two stories to us, the first was called 'At the Waterhole' written by Beth Shoshan.....

'Crash! Bang! Clatter! Woosh! Swish! Scurry! There's a rumble in the jungle as the animals all rush to the waterhole.  With bright, gorgeous artwork, this fun ponetic book, form the creators of 'Mess Monsters', is bound to make a splash.

and the other was 'The Cat in the Hat comes back!' written by Dr. Seuss. Can you remember Mrs. Condliffe coming into read 'Green Eggs and Ham'? well that's the same author! 

'It's a snowy day and Dick and Sally are stuck shovelling.......until the Cat in the Hat arrives to liven things up (to say the least!)'

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the tounge twisting words and super impressed with the way Mr. Condliffe read them so easily when they were so tricky laugh

Thank you, Mrs Edmonds and Mr. Condliffe we loved seeing you both this week and having a story…….please come again soon wink

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