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Science Monitors w/b 18th April

Date: 25th Apr 2017 @ 4:13pm

This week in Science....


Mrs Ashford-Eaton's class:

We did what exercise is.  Exercise is important because you have to be fit and healthy.  Exercises are star jumps, press ups, spoty dogs and running on the spot.

Miss Young's class:

We learnt about fit and healthy and we were doing exercise in the hall.  Also it can make the body fit and healthy.


Mr Heade's class:

This week in Science we learned about digestion.  We got bread and mushed it together with vinegar and water.  Although it was fascinating it was really gross!

Mrs Hodgkinson's class:

This week we were learning about the digestive system.  We got a slice of bread, teared it up as the teeth, next we added water as enzymes (saliva) then we added vinegar as the stomach acids and mor enzymes.  Then mixed it all together.  After that we put it in a tea-towel, rolled it up and squeezed it to replicate the intestines.  Finally we unrolled it to find the nutrients and the feaces.

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