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Science Monitors

Date: 11th Mar 2017 @ 6:43pm

Week beginning: 27th February.

Year 3 Science Miss Ashford-Eaton's Science Squad:

We saw animals like tortoises, dogs, cats, snakes.  I liked the snakes, dogs and cats.  When animals get scared the poo!  When they get scared they run away.

Year 3 Science Miss Young's Science Squad:

We liked the snake and the frog.  We learnt that Bob (the parrot) could dance!  We built their habitats.  Everything that we did was great and fun to learn.  It was good because we learnt lots of facts about the animals.

Year 6  Mrs Hodgkinson's Science Squad:

We ran an experiment to see if the length of wire effects how the components in a circuit work.  We made a circuit and tested how bright the bulb was/ how loud the buzzer was.  Our predictions were varied, however most of us thought the components would not work as well with the longer wire.  We repeated our test each time changing the length of the wire.  Our end results were very inconclusive; our differences in wire length maynot have been big enough.


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