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Science Monitors w/b 13th March

Date: 17th Mar 2017 @ 3:41pm

Science during the week, 13th March.

Miss Young's Science Squad.

We learnt about a balanced diet for animals, like a dog, cat and a sugar glider.  We learnt that dogs eat meat and drinks water because it needs energy.  A tortoise eats leaves because it helps it to poo!  A chinchilla eats grass, leaves and twigs because it helps them poo!

Miss Ashford-Eaton's Science Squad.

We did all about animals and nutrition.  The python eats animals such as antelope, monkeys, rodents, lizards, birds and caimans.  It gives the python a healthy diet.  The Doss Monitor Lizard eats crickets, mice, locusts and meal worms because that diet keeps it healthy.  The dog eats eats dog food which contains meat and water because it gives it energy.

Miss Faulkener's Science Squad.

We learnt where and where not to put electrical objects.  We learnt how to use electricity safely.  We learnt that you should never keep electronics on for too long.

Miss Stewart's Science Squad.

In our last lesson we learnt about house electricity; where and where you should not put electrical item.  For example you should keep electrical item away from young children.  In your bedroom, you should not leave your plug sockets on.  Do not put your phone down the loo!  Do not put a wire on the hob that is on.  Don't put anything in the toaster unless it is toast!

Mr Johnson's Science Squad.

We have mixed water and cornflower together which made a solid and liquid.  If you just hold it it will turn into a liquid, but if you put pressure onto it, it will turn into a solid.

Miss Devereux's Science Squad.

We started our new topic on materials and made a mindmap about what we already know.  There were 3 sections to the mind map: Gases, liquids and solids.  We watched a video on the particles of each element, gas particles are very few, allowing the particles to move freely and fill the space they are in.  Liquid particles are not touching, but not far apart, this means they can move a little.  Solid particles are touching and can only just vibrate.  We did an experiment with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of cornflour.  We put the cornflour in a bowl and added a little bit of water, as we stirred.  We discovered that the cornflour became liquid, but went hard when we left it.  We then did a summary of what we did and made venn diagrams showing liquids, solids and both. 





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