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Surprise Secret Story Teller

Date: 19th Jan 2016 @ 4:49pm

What a lovely surprise to have Mrs Newman, Alfie's Mummy take time off work to come in and be our secret story teller today laugh

She read us a story we haven't heard before call 'The Great Goat Chase' written by Tony Bonning.....

'When Mr. Farmer's three greedy goats gets into his turnip field, it seems as though no one can ever get them out again.  Mr.Farmer tries first, then Dog, Horse, Cow and Pig, Mr. Farmer is in despair, can he ever get those goats out??? Then along comes a little bee, with the answer to the problem'

This was a great story and we all enjoyed shouting out "no, he couldn't" to the repeating phrases.  It was especially lovely that the 'wee, wee bee' wins out over the goats and all the other larger animals.  A good bedtime favourite we decided yes

Thank you so very much Mrs Newman for taking the time to pop in and read to us, we hope to see you again soon smiley



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