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The 'Three Wise' Secret Story Tellers

Date: 27th Nov 2015 @ 9:54am

This week we have begun to practise our 'Little Nativity' and so the Christmas story is very much in our minds.  We were excited to have 3 Secret Story Tellers this week as it reminded us of the 3 wise men!!wink

Our first 'wise' Secret Story Teller was Grace Horsham's Aunty Weezie! It was lovely to have an Aunty to come into school, our first one!  Aunty Weezie read to us the funny story of 'Time for Dinner' written by June Morley.  It was a humerous storybook with a comic twist at the end.......

' "Yum, yum" said the Fly. "I do love dinner time!"  It's time for dinner and all of the animals are very hungry! But, with the cat lookin hungrily at the spider, and the spider looking hungrily at the fly, will anyone have dinner at all?'

Anybody still hungry now?!?!?! Thank you so very much Aunty Weezie for being our Secret Story Teller laugh


Our second 'wise' secret story teller this week was Mrs Bailey, Chase's mummy.  She brought in a wintery story and another of our favourites 'The Gruffalo's Child' written by the very famous Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, did you read 'The Gruffalo'?

'The story is about the Gruffalo's child who despite her father's warning sets off into the 'deep, dark wood' to find the 'big, bad mouse', the only thing her father is afraid of.  During her winter journey she encounters the tracks of snake, owl, and fox from 'The Gruffalo', each of whom she suspects to be the 'big bad mouse', but who in turn tell her where sha can find the real mouse.  Eventually, concluding that she has been tricked by the animals she sadly admits that she doesn't believe in the 'big, bad mouse, unitl...............'

This was a wonderful story to demonstrate 'brains over brawn' and got us all thinking about footprints and being detectives yes  Thank you Mrs Bailey for coming to read to us and bringing such a fabulous story.

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