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This week in Science

Date: 28th Mar 2017 @ 1:32pm

The Sketleton.

We were talking about a skeleton that helps you to stand up so you can reach things and helps with your walking, so you don't fall overand shake.  Then we were trying to see what is the name of the bones by sticking the paper on the person.  We had to choose one person in each group.

Miss Young's class (year 3).

Science Electricity Quiz.

This week in Science we did a science Quiz for electricity.  The Quiz was very hard, but we did it!  There were many questions!  We were answering questions about insulators and conductors in circuits.  We looked at equipment that completes a circuit.

Miss Stewart's class (year 4)

Mpemba Effect

In this science lesson we found out which type of water would freeze quicker - cold water or warm water.  We found out that cold water froze quicker.

Miss Devereux's class (year 5)

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