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W/B 16th January 2017

Date: 22nd Jan 2017 @ 6:11pm

Wow, what a fantastic week we had last week!

On Monday afternoon we had our first violin session with Mr Henderson and Mrs Balfour. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and showed some great skills. For the first few weeks they are focussing on plucking the strings to get them used to the instrument, then will move on to using a bow when Mr Henderson and Mrs Balfour think they are ready. Keep up the super work!!!

In Maths, the children have completed their unit on addition and have shown some great knowledge and mastery reasoning with greater depth in their hot tasks, pulling together the work they have done over the last few weeks. Well Done! Our next unit of work will be based on subtraction. We will be using the concrete, pictorial and abstract method.

We have seen some fantastic work in English this week where they children have been trying to use their senses in their writing to describe. We can’t wait to see the children using this in their hot task at the end of next week!

What a day we had on Wednesday!!! The children had a ‘Build It Day’ to immerse them into their new topic – Ancient Civilisations. We had a phenomenal day, with the children using lots of flat packed boxes, kindly donated by Mr Whitehead, to build monuments/replicas from some of the Ancient Civilisations. The children built an ancient Sumerian temple, the Great Wall of China, a replica model of the Indus Valley City, and an Egyptian Pyramid - This was all completed before play!!!

The children had lots of fun after playtime exploring the ‘tomb’ that had been set up in the classroom by the teachers. Inside they needed to use a torch to explore and look at the pictures/hieroglyphics that were shown on the walls and ceiling. In the afternoon all of the children took part in a debate where they decided on which Ancient Civilisation they thought was the best – they chose Ancient Egypt.


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