"They shall have life, life in all its fullness." (John 10:10)

W/B 30th January 2017

Date: 3rd Feb 2017 @ 10:10am

Another fantastic week this week!

The children have worked extremely hard in Maths, using their knowledge of the formal written method to complete subtraction challenges. They have used base 10 to help them where needed and we have even got a pop up McDonalds role play where the children can apply their new knowledge of subtraction, working out prices and how much change to be given.

In English the children have been identifying the features of a letter and working on their use of adjectives and adverbs to describe. They had lots of fun playing adverb charades where they had to act out an action and the rest of their group guessed what they were doing and how.

We’ve had investigations galore in Science! The children have done a variety of tests to find out how fast objects fall to the ground. They worked hard making it a fair test and thinking about the different variables.

The children have used their map skills this week in our creative curriculum sessions where they have located the countries where the ancient civilisations were based. They have traced a world map and labelled these countries and worked out how long each civilisation lasted for.

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