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Year 3 Blog

Date: 9th Oct 2016 @ 3:37pm


Wow, what a fantastic start the children have made to Year 3! All children have settled in really well and are working very hard in everything that they do!

Since their start in Year 3, the children have taken part in lots of fun activities such as:

  • Completing the golden mile
  • Learning all about Spain on European Day of Languages
  • Making Stone Age tools on ‘No Pens Day Wednesday’

In maths the children have completed their unit on Number and Place Value where they have all shown great progress and we are now working on Data and Statistics. In the upcoming weeks the children will be applying this knowledge to create graphs and charts based on the Stone Age.

In English the children have been writing their very own adventure stories. They have set their stories in the Stone Age and they have used the text ‘Stone Age Boy’ to help them. They are working hard on using adjectives, adverbs and adverbials to make their writing the best it can be.

In our topic sessions, the children have created their own cave paintings using oil pastels looking at cave paintings from the Stone Age for ideas. They have also created a piece of music in small groups using the syllables in words of Stone Age Activities to provide them with a beat; eg: scraping skins = 3 beats. They have even had a go at using musical notation. The children have also created their own Stone Age tool using materials found in the woods. They are now in the process of creating an advert to sell their tool!

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