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Current unit: Place Value

The small steps for this unit are shown below:

• Numbers to 20.
• Count objects to 100 by making 10s.
• Recognise tens and ones.
• Use a place value chart.
• Partition numbers to 100.
• Write numbers to 100 in words.
• Flexibly partition to 100.
• Write numbers to 100 in expanded form.
• 10s on the number line to 100.
• 10s and 1s on the number line to 100.
• Estimate numbers on a number line.
Compare objects.
• Compare numbers.
• Order objects and numbers.
• Count in 2s, 5s & 10s.
• Count in 3s. 

To secure their understanding of numbers to 100 the children will explore them using concrete materials, pictoral representations and abstract methods. Throughout their Maths lessons the children will be provided with the opportunity to reason and explain their understanding and challenge themselves with problem solving questions.


Times Tables

In Year 2, we focus on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to ensure they are fully secure on these and can recall these at speed in preparation for KS2. In the first term we will focus on the 10 timestable. Every week the children will be asked to complete a times table strip with the challenge of completing all of the questions in 2 minutes. Once they are able to achieve this, their aim is to then get quicker each time. These times tables can be practised on the assignments set on Maths shed, using some of the links below or by watching some of the fun videos attached to this webpage.

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This a FANTASTIC app that you can have on your tablet or phone that will help your children to learn their times tables through Rock Music!!!!

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