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Phonics is the systematic teaching of letter sounds and the skills needed that will underpin your child’s early reading and writing.

At Mossley School the children take part in a daily 20 minute phonics session where they will participate in whole group/smaller group activities that will introduce them to all of their letter sounds and the skills of segmenting and blending. They will experience a variety of activities that will help them to recognise and use their letter sounds to read and write words.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is all about listening to sounds and learning to discriminate between different sounds. This is about sounds in everyday life, not just about sounds in speech. Phase 1 lays the essential foundations for all the teaching that follows. If children can't hear sounds and differentiate between them then they will struggle to understand that words are 'built up' of different sounds and that each sound is represented by a different letter or group of letters (a grapheme). Please click on the link below for some games to help your child.

Letters are not introduced until Phase 2. If you have a pre-school child or a child early in Reception you will find these activities particularly useful. If your child is a little older but struggles to 'hear the separate sounds' in words then you might find it useful to return to some of these activities.


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 Phonics Glossary

Segment/ing- splitting a word up into its separate sounds

            e.g  cat =  c-a-t, hip = h-i-p

Blend/ing- putting all of the sounds together to make the word

            e.g  b-a-t = bat   r-a-t = rat

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