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'No Pens' Wednesday!

Lesson: Communication, Language and Listening

Class: Early Years Foundation Stage Mrs Arnold & Mrs Swift Year: 2015 - 2016

This Wednesday we had a "No Pens Day Wednesday" where all children and staff were forbidden to use pens of any sorts - pencils, crayons, chalks etc.

The thinking behind this day is to encourage speaking and listening and we were very impressed with all the lovely things the children had to say and how well they listened.

We began our morning by a show and tell of any "My world" books that children had done work in and the children were encouraged to ask questions.

We then had a fun game with a dice full of phonemes, we rolled the dice to each other and had to think of an object or word that began with the sound displayed.  It was very successful and we practised the names of the letters as well as the sounds they represent.

Also in the morning we got make our very own bread roll with Mrs Hayes as we have been looking at the story of 'The Little Red Hen' this week. Once they were baked we left them to cool and re-enacted the story with our masks and excellent character voices :-)  We had a go at retelling the story using story language and all did really well showing just how good our listening and speaking skills are.  Most of us also managed to have time to show off our cutting skills as we cut out difficult shapes to order the story pictures.

Our favourite game was the 'Guess what's in my bag?' or 'What is on my headband?' where we had to think very carefully which questions to ask to find out the mystery object and use our describing words effectively to give enough clues for our friends to guess correctly!

We all really enjoyed our "No pens day" and we hope you all heard lots about it.

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